Why You Need a Designer ON YOUR GLAM SQUAD

How wonderful is to be engaged to your true  love. Almost every woman I know, at some point in time imagined the day of there love getting down on one knee and saying the magical 4 words -"will you marry me." After the emotional rollercoaster has died down, and the shock of your proposal has subsided, you realize "OMG, it's time to plan my wedding." One of the first things you should envision and plan is your gown.

Some women are satisfied with off-the-rack dresses, but more and more brides are realizing getting a custom designed gown is more doable now more than ever. You should have all the little extras this will probably be one of your biggest clothing purchases and you shouldn't skimp.

Custom gowns go through a very extensive process ensuring you get EXACTLY what you want. First, you go through some type of consultation or design session. In this consultation you will verbally express how you see yourself on your wedding day, as much detail as you can provide makes the designer's job to interpret easier to deliver your dream gown. By the end of the consultation you and the designer should be able to see a rough pencil sketch of your desired gown. Second, a follow meeting would be necessary to see the sketch in color and/or with fabric swatches allowing you to visualize your gown even more. Don't be afraid to ask questions, no matter how trivial or basic they may seem, ASK THEM ALL! The  more you know the better you'll  feel and the more you will trust your designer. Third is creating a muslin mock of the dress. A muslin mock is your dream dress created with inexpensive fabric to make sure the fit and style of your design is what you explained in your initial consultation. Expect to have anywhere between 2-6 muslin fittings depending on the difficulty and fit of the design. Fourth, it's time for fabric sourcing and getting all of the fabrics and making final design/fit adjustments before going into final production. Now it's time to go into production. This is the actual sewing and hand sewing of the dress. All of the couture sewing techniques and boning, built-ins, and features achieved in this process. At this stage a couple pre-final fitting will take place to ensure everything is properly proportioned, and any tedious or small adjustments can be made. Now, it's time for the big reveal. You have been waiting so patiently and now the time has come for your final gown fitting. This is where you get to relish in your natural beauty. This moment is where getting married sinks in just a little bit deeper, that your wedding date is approaching and you will forever remember this moment.